Student Life

Cairo is where you really get a feel for Egyptian street life

Cairo is one of the world’s great megacities. As beautiful as it is crazy, and as rich in historic finery as it is half-dilapidated, Cairo tends to be a city that travelers love and hate in equal measures. Its sheer noise, pollution, and confounding traffic are an assault on your senses, but look beyond the modern hubbub, and you will find a history that spans centuries. Full of vigor, Cairo is where you really get a feel for Egyptian street life. No trip to Egypt is complete without a stay in the city Arabs call Umm al-Dunya (The Mother of the World). Find the best places to visit and interesting things to do in this buzzing metropolis with our list of the top attractions in Cairo.


Places to visit in Egypt

The Pyramids

Egyptian Museum

Khan Elkhalili

The Citadel

Coptic Cairo

Cairo Tower

Al-Azhar Park

Qaitbay Citadel In Alexandria

Alexandrian Library

Roman and Greek Musuem

AbuSimple Temple

Feiala Temple

Hatshipsut Temple

The Nile Cruise between Luxor and Aswan

Our In Residence Program Location Map

Student activities:

1. Special Master Classes – “Meet the Expert”

Prof. Sherif Delawar

Egyptian Thinker in Economic Development and Visiting Professor of Strategy and Managerial Sciences

A master class with a distinguished expert Prof. Sherif Delawer in one of the areas of management, with extensive international experience, talking about his journey in his field, achievements and the challenges. He provides precious sessions during two days about the strategy on macro and micro levels, digital economy and its requirements, new trends and shift in future jobs, and the important skills set and expertise required in the new digital world. The sessions are followed by highly constructive Q&A sessions that helps SSM students and all audience to plan for their future careers. The sessions are offered by Swiss School of Management – Cairo in cooperation with its partner Mersal Academy with the title of “System Thinking: the big picture of business and management”.

2. Special Master Classes – “Meet the Founder”

Mr. Aly Badawi

Founder of the Chain of “Batates & Zalabya”

One of the important masterclasses that SSM Cairo conduct in cooperation with its learning centers’ collaborates “Mersal Academy” is to meet the founder of prestigious companies. The students of SSM MBA program are exposed to many practical experiences with the founders who share their long journey from small startups to well-established firms and chains. SSM Cairo MBA students are usually acquainted with entrepreneurial knowledge and skills during their courses, and usually have relevant questions and concerns that may all be discussed during the master classes. Mr. Aly Badawi was very excited during the Q&A sessions with the quality of expertise, innovative ideas, and questions of SSM students.

3. SSM Cairo Book Club

At SSM Cairo, you can have access to valuable books that help you to bridge from theories to practice and build leadership and entrepreneurial competencies. The “Book Club” idea was initiated by one of our SSM Cairo distinguished students “Marwan Assar”. He stated that he wishes to bring MBA students at SSM Cairo together to read and discuss one book per month in order to keep them updated with the latest books, reports and articles related to Business Administration disciplines availed in SSM Cairo e-Library. Usually students are overwhelmed with the courses, workshops, and master classes, and do not have the time luxury to read and discuss many valuable references that would enrich their journey at SSM.

For that, the club is electronically created to select one book per month to be read by a team from 5 to 8 students who will be responsible to meet and discuss the book summary and present the thesis and tools to the whole group during a session of “Meet the literature” every month. All students will enhance their knowledge and connect with the dynamic newly concepts, tools, and business environment. At SSM, you can acquire not only knowledge, skills, competencies, and experience, but also a community of leaders and entrepreneurs who will reshape the future of their countries through teams with strong relationships.