Raghda Hany

Business Development manager

Raghda Hany is the current Business Development Manager at the Swiss School of Management Cairo; she has 10 years of experience in the educational field her experience in working in Business Development started in 2012 when she was given the opportunity to work as Head of the Department at Book Company provides their services to international schools and Universities, this experience ignited her passion for business development more and more.

She then got a job opportunity at an educational institution based in the UK for 6 years during this time Raghda helped to develop this institution. She founded 2 departments the Corporate Department and the Study Abroad Department. She also began promoting three diplomas in the field of leadership and educational psychology and other courses in human resources and others in the Education and Business field.

Then, Raghda Worked as a Research and Business Development Manager at a professional development company for one year before joining SSM.

Raghda obtained a number of degrees and certificates such as the Marketing Diploma, Training of Trainers Diploma, Presentation Skills, Personal Development, Sales Management, and corporate relations. Now she is preparing for her Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

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